The Committees - 2016

International Liaison Committee

Responsible for liaising with the Council's international affiliations, including CNUE, UINL, ENN, and tasked with responsibilities ranging from responding to questionnaires on cross-border legal issues, requests for assistance from foreign Notariats to formulating and pushing a consistent agenda at international fora.

Chair: Notary Dr Roland Wadge
Co-Ordinator: Notary Dr Francesca Portelli (ENN Interlocutor)

Drafting Committee

Tasked with drafting proposals for legislation and amendments. It also takes on a pioneering role in drafting recommendations to institutions and official Council documents and position papers, following the general direction and policy decisions of the Council and the General Assembly.

Chair: Notary Dr Graziella Agius Farrugia
Co-ordinator: Notary Dr Liza Schembri, Notary Dr. Mariella Mizzi, Notary Dr. Eliza Falzon

Professional Development Committee

Together with the Institute for Legal Studies (ILS), this Committee is tasked with designing information seminars aimed specifically at Notaries. It also acts as a liaison between the Profession, the University of Malta and other academic bodies, planning programmes of studies relevant to the future Notariat.

Chair: Notary Dr Daniel John Bugeja
Co-Ordinator: Notary Dr Nicholas Briffa

Information Technology Committee

Responsible for setting the agenda and overall strategies for the implementation of the Digital Crossover Programme for the Notarial Profession. The Committee takes the lead in exploring new IT opportunities to solve existing and long-dragging issues and recommending courses of action, defining and recommending approaches to key IT issues.

Chair: Notary Joseph Abela
Co-Ordinator: Notary Dr Clinton Bellizzi